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Brookfield Asset Management


18,000 sq.ft

Ultraconfidentiel Redefines Corporate Spaces: Brookfield Asset Management's Mumbai BKC Head Office

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Ultraconfidentiel proudly unveils the design and execution of Brookfield Asset Management's new head office in the dynamic Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) of Mumbai. Breaking away from conventional norms, this visionary workspace is not just an office; it's a concept - a living cityscape crafted to enhance collaboration and foster dynamic interactions among the team.

At the heart of this architectural marvel is the concept of a central "piazza," inspired by the vibrant gathering spaces found in Italy. This open and inviting central area serves as the beating heart of the office, encouraging spontaneous conversations, impromptu meetings, and a sense of community among the collaborators.

It reflects Ultraconfidentiel's commitment to creating environments that go beyond functionality, nurturing a culture of teamwork and creativity.

Embracing a democratic layout, the office is designed without designated "best" places, offering every team member an identical workstation arrangement in a completely open space.

This intentional absence of hierarchy fosters a sense of equality and promotes a collaborative spirit, embodying the principles of inclusivity and shared innovation.

To further enhance accessibility and convenience, meeting rooms of varying capacities are strategically placed throughout the office, ensuring that collaborative spaces are easily reachable by all team members.

This thoughtful design not only facilitates efficient communication but also adapts to the diverse needs of Brookfield Asset Management's dynamic workforce.

Ultraconfidentiel's innovative approach to the Brookfield Asset Management Head Office goes beyond aesthetics, redefining the very essence of a corporate workspace.

The result is a dynamic and egalitarian environment that not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of modern businesses, setting a new standard for collaborative excellence in Mumbai's corporate landscape.

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