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Monin Studio



“A new engaging experience for the French-syrup customers. ”

“MONIN is more than a drinks solution, it’s a way of living… a genuine brand experience based on our centenary brand values. It’s about giving pleasure and enjoyment by using only the best natural ingredients in the most exciting and creative way. It’s about authentic taste sensations and consistently high-quality, first-rate consumer experiences, achieved with a respect for our environment” 

Ultraconfidentiel has been asked to translate the essence of Monin into a new physical space where customers and people can meet, learn and engage with the brand.

A dynamic space with lounges, live bar, private client spaces and a small office space with dedicated meeting rooms create a vibrant environment for the Monin experience.

The studio is designed as a fluid and connected space in 2 open levels with a central “green spine” facing the different areas till the mezzanine floor and giving them a connection to the nature.


The central biophilic spine is a composition of indoor plants and herbs which can be picked by the users and used for the tasting cocktail experience with expert mixologists in the customer lounge and bar space.

This is a new and engaging way to involve the customer in the cocktail preparation while walking the space surrounded by the company timeline legacy and material textures inspired by the French city where Monin has been founded: Bourges.


Bourges is everywhere, in every small detail. The bricks and the medieval wooden walls inspired by the old architectures in the French city center

The new Monin studio is the new physical experience following the vision and the purpose of the famous branch syrups company.

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