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Mankind Pharma


1,25,000 sq.ft.

"Mankind Pharma, a class apart".



Mankind Pharma is one of India’s leading and fast-growing pharmaceutical companies. Their new Head Office at New Delhi is situated right in the heart of Okhla Phase III which is the hub of industrial and commercial activity. Spread over seven floors the new company headquarters has been designed as a state-of-the-art corporate office space.


Ultraconfidentiel Design was commissioned to develop 1,25,000 Sq. Ft. of office space for the company’s employees across various hierarchies. The idea was to seamlessly carve-out spaces for the various brand divisions of the company, common areas for gatherings, collaborative working and spaces to relax and rejuvenate.

The office draws inspiration from the progressive nature of the company and develops a clean and healthy workspace that favours growth and productivity based on its ethos.

The consequent design is a sublime space wrapped in a white canvas, carved-out from large volumes and voids while maximizing the use of natural light. The dynamic office design propels the company’s work culture into a modern territory of future-proof workspaces.

The site finds itself amidst a lush green neighbourhood. The built form allows for a great view as well as an ample amount of natural light, the effect of which is maximized by the expansive use of white marble.


The marble-clad walls of the triple-height atrium at the front entrance instil a sense of tranquillity and act as a buffer between the outside and inside.

Juxtaposed to the white canvas is a hand-beaten brass reception table that forms the foreground of an open courtyard laden with trees and shrubs.

A well-designed space has the capacity to affect human behaviour.

The open-plan workspaces are strategically placed in order to maximize productivity and longevity of the workspace without compromising the privacy of the work profile. Utmost care has been taken to keep the functional and technical aspects as the primary driving factors for the design. The design promotes the concepts of teamwork and collaboration,  thus intermittent spaces for collaborative working and relaxation can be found throughout the various floors of the office.


A carefully chosen palette of materials on one hand infuses an element of luxury and on the other ensures high performance and longevity of the workspace.

The use of brass accents was a crucial design decision and as a result, the metal can be seen taking the form of a suspended mobile in the triple-height waiting lounge, as do the customised light fixtures and the see-through partition screens across the office space.


The office space makes use of smart technology to facilitate smooth operations across the extensive built-up area.

Interactive digital screens in the guest area assist users with information about the company. Solutions like access-controlled cabins, sensor-based lighting and wireless chargers integrated within the workstations make for a future-ready modern workspace.


Workspaces of tomorrow need to be flexible and adaptive to the rapidly changing trends of the corporate ecosystem.

The new Mankind Head Office excels in doing so with its adaptive, mobility-oriented and high-performance workspaces that can be reconfigured to the needs of a growing company and transform themselves to host a variety of uses in years to come.

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