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Nucleus Office Parks / BlackStone


6,600 sq.ft.

"Ultraconfidentiel Transforms Nucleus Office Parks in Lower Parel, Mumbai into a Cutting-Edge Experience Centre for Corporate Real Estate Brokers".

Ultraconfidentiel, a trailblazer in innovative design, has redefined the concept of experiential spaces with the creation of an extraordinary Experience Centre for Nucleus Office Parks in Lower Parel, Mumbai. This unique space is strategically designed to welcome corporate real estate brokers and their prospects, offering a captivating journey into the future of workspaces.

As you step into the Experience Centre, the initial bare shell area sets the stage, showcasing meticulous design through a stabilized slab achieved by a transparent epoxy layer.


The atmosphere is brought to life with ambient lighting and a seamlessly integrated HVAC system, creating a blank canvas that sparks imagination.

The centerpiece of this transformative experience lies in the Virtual Reality zone. Here, cutting-edge technology takes center stage, allowing brokers and their clients to immerse themselves in various scenarios that project the possibilities of their future spaces.

The virtual tour offers a dynamic and interactive preview, ensuring a personalized and insightful exploration.

Moving forward, the journey unfolds into a section adorned with traditional workstation arrangements, featuring height-adjustable workstations that seamlessly blend functionality with comfort.

This area caters to the evolving needs of modern professionals, providing a balance between conventional workspaces and contemporary ergonomic design.

Continuing the exploration, the Experience Centre transitions into a collaborative, mobility-driven space. This zone is meticulously crafted to encourage spontaneous interactions and collaborative endeavors. A harmonious blend of design elements fosters an environment where collaborators can meet, ideate, and innovate together, reflecting the dynamic nature of the modern workspace.

In every facet of the Experience Centre, Ultraconfidentiel has successfully encapsulated the essence of forward-thinking design and functionality, offering a transformative experience for corporate real estate brokers and their clients.


The collaboration between Ultraconfidentiel and Nucleus Office Parks stands as a testament to the power of visionary design in shaping the future of workspaces. Welcome to a realm where innovation meets practicality, and the workspace of tomorrow comes to life today.

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