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Rahul Chaudhry


13,200 sq.ft

Ultraconfidentiel is thrilled to unveil its newest workplace project for a niche law firm in Mumbai, India - Rahul Chaudhry & Partners.”

Ultraconfidentiel is thrilled to unveil its newest workplace project for a niche law firm in Mumbai, India - Rahul Chaudhry & Partners


In the realm of law, perfection is a compass guiding the lawyer's journey, recognizing that while challenges may exist, it's the constant stride toward excellence that defines their craft.


A tribute to the excellence of their profession, Ultraconfidentiel Design joyfully unveils the design and execution for the new workspace of Rahul Chaudhry & Partners, one of India's foremost legal firms.

The design concept celebrates the philosophy of minimal interior design of a workplace where “Less is Luxe”.


The space explores the sophistication of simplicity, where clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and a restrained color palette harmonize to create a “Bold yet Subtle” workplace – a key design principle of Ultraconfidentiel Design.

By stripping away excess and focusing on essentials, the design of the space fosters a sense of calm, clarity, and mindfulness within this lawyer’s workplace.

The office layout for this 13,200 sq.ft. super area, centers around a spacious central corridor, with the various functions organized around it.


The larger conference rooms and meeting areas are strategically positioned at the very beginning of the corridor.

Adjacent to the corridor's expansive glazing, the work area spans the length of one side, while additional features such as a collaborative library space, cafeteria, and supporting facilities are located on the opposite side.

The wide corridor itself is outfitted with collaborative furniture, fostering an environment conducive to employee interaction and impromptu discussions over coffee. Towards the focal end of the corridor, the director's area is situated, featuring a waiting lounge area and several cabins.

The design of every element within the space embodies the essence of "Clear Lines, Clear Mind", promoting a work environment of simplicity and sophistication.


Each detail is meticulously deliberated – from the consistent micro-concrete flooring to the sleek furniture pieces, from the textured concrete wall finishes to the ribbed glass partitions – with each component contributing to a cohesive aesthetic that emanates understated sophistication, reflecting the client's persona.

The color scheme of the space is predominantly neutral, with a bold incorporation of burgundy to impart a refined demeanor. This color is strategically integrated into each area, serving as a unifying element across the entirety of the space design.

In conclusion: through this project, Ultraconfidentiel Design defines luxury with graceful simplicity and subtle sophistication.  


Our minimal workplace design epitomizes the harmony of simplicity and functionality,

creating a space where clarity inspires creativity and every element serves a purpose.

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