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Inspiring people, by design.

We are a design firm specialized in Design&Build projects for top leading companies.

News & Featured Projects 
Workplace for Brookfield

Ultraconfidentiel completed the 18,000 Sq.Ft. workspace in Mumbai BKC planned for a future-proof company growth.

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Amazon Blink among the most spectacular workplaces in the world

Amazon Fashion Studio designed by Ultraconfidentiel has been crowned by Forbes among the 25 most spectacular work spaces in the world.

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Ultraconfidentiel completed the new concept Monin Studio in Chattharpur, New Delhi. A new engaging experience for the French-syrup customers.

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Workplace [R]evolution
E-paper Vol.1

Ultraconfidentiel released the 1st E-paper 'Workplace [R]evolution" produced by the R&D Department. A visionary document about the future of workplace.

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Selected Clients
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